What to Consider When Looking at Narrowboat Moorings for Sale

Although the process of mooring a narrowboat is relatively straightforward, there are some factors that need to be considered. This can include where the location of the mooring is, and how suitable the facilities within the location are for your needs.

When searching for narrowboat moorings for sale, it’s often the case that you will be using a private company, although there can be exceptions to the rule. The mooring fees can vary, depending on where the mooring is located, and how much demand there is within a certain area.

If you’re new to the world of narrowboats, then you may need to consider your future endeavours to ascertain what kind of mooring solution you will need, and it’s important to know that the inclusion of mooring fees do not usually come with the narrowboat. Again, there can be exceptions, but for the most part, it will be a separate task that needs taken care off.

Looking for a long-term mooring solution is ideal for those looking to take in the local culture, as well as being able to share on-site responsibilities with other members. However, if you’re looking to travel to several different locations in your narrowboat, then you probably won’t need to opt for a permanent mooring, but this means that you can only stay at the location for a fortnight. This may not seem like too much of an ordeal in the short-term, but it can mean as time goes on you must plan a lot of journeys. Again, what suits you best will depend on your personal circumstances.

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Pros and Cons of Living on a Narrowboat

Whatever path we take in life, there can often be a series of pros and cons. Owning a narrowboat can open a world never possible before, and living on one can be an experience like no other. However, you must determine whether life on a narrowboat will be a full-time endeavour, or simply something you retire to now and again.

There is no right or wrong answer, it’s simply a case of deciding what’s best for you. The following pros and cons highlight the many benefits of living on a narrowboat, as well as some of the cons that can occur.


A Sense of Freedom

Living in a more conventional home can be restrictive for some, with some preferring boat mooring in the great outdoors as opposed to home improvements. This is due to the ambience and freedom owning a narrow boat offers.

Meet Like-Minded People

Depending on how you approach life in a narrowboat, you can come across all sorts of different people, who are only too happy to lend a hand with boat mooring, or pointing you in the right direction when it comes to nearby attractions.

Tranquillity and Quiet

Sure, there are some locations that are quieter than others, but for the most part, those who reside on a narrowboat will find that there is plenty of time to kick back and enjoy the local scenery when berthing a narrowboat.


It Can be Cold

Evidently, this will depend on the narrowboat you purchase, and whether you choose to berth within a marina or not. If you take a narrowboat that’s not very effective when it comes to retaining warmth, then you could find yourself having a few chilly nights when narrow boat mooring.

It Can Become Cramped    

Again, this can depend on the type of narrowboat you have, and how many people will be on board. However, if there are more people on board than the narrowboat was designed for, you could find there is some tension in the atmosphere.

Burglary and Vandalism

For the most part, there is very little reason as to why you should experience any vandalism when narrow boat mooring, nor should you in danger of burglary, but it’s still something we should safeguard ourselves against. If you’re looking at narrowboat moorings in more isolated areas, then you may need to take some extra precautions.